Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Best-Of Post 

Buck Hill, named after The Replacements song named after the shitty "Ski Area" (it sounds a little bit like "Fuck You," you see), is now a year old. It was started in the wee hours of a night much like this one, while my roommate was listening to Journey. It shares a birthday with Johnny Winter, W.E.B. DuBois, li'l Dakota Fanning, and the Polio vaccine. The day I started, Secretary of Education Rod Paige called the NEA "terrorists" and Atrios linked to two hot congressional candidates (the guy, more leathery than hot, lost).

New visitors will note that the archives skip a few months -- much like Andrew Sullivan, I am a lazy, easily distracted little prick with a short attention span; which is to say, I took last summer and most of January off. But if you're new here, here's some old shit -- it's new to you:

I'd Rather Be Right Than Be Henry Clay
I'd noticed a paucity of meaningless lists in political blogs -- this was quickly rectified.

God's Consolation Prize!
I almost wish this little jerk hadn't disappeared off the face of the Earth. He'd make a worthy adversary.

Shadow Puppet Government
This one's pretty fucking timely, ain't it? We were so young then...

West Virginia: Thin Skinned
This one ends with a funny joke! (The article in question was about a hilarious t-shirt that said "It's All Relative In West Virginia" -- better commentary available here, but don't tell anyone)

National Commission On Those Who Trespass Against the United States
Janet Reno + O'Reilly = Comedy Gold!

Featuring the now-famous Farmer-Labor Robot Joke. Jeez, you can't go anywhere without hearing that one these days. The rest of the post isn't that great.

Urban Renewal and Other Modern Tragedies
This one's for the Minneapolitians. Especially that fascist Lileks, who talks real pretty 'bout old buildings, but who would personally tear down First Avenue if it made his white ass feel safer downtown.

Someone Give Me a Fucking Book Deal
Still the number one result for a Google search on "Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia summary".

Something That's Been Bothering Me For a Long Time
Occasional contributor Ross discovers the horrifying truth.

'W' Is For Women. White Women.
The New New Security Moms

NYU Will Raise Enough Money To Rebuild Iraq, Then Spend It Educating the Olsen Twins
In which I fisk the Dean.

Nast Comic Standing
Political cartoon. See also the following post.

Get Your Smear On
Was I the Ur-Rude Pundit? No. No, I was not.

Town Fulla Losers
In which I exploit the biographies of loved ones for a laugh.

Ceaselessly Into the Stupid
I beat The Daily Show to this story.

The Selling Of the Internets
I'm still kinda proud of this post I wrote on and then..., though the critical reaction, if I remember correctly, was negligible. It's the only serious piece on this list, I promise. Clunky writing, now that I re-read it, but the point is one I will probably try to make more gracefully over and over again for the rest of my life.

Anyway, enjoy. Because I'm fucking retiring from the money I made on this bitch.

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