Tuesday, March 23, 2004

West Virginia: Thin-Skinned 

it's another Government-sanctioned Good News Day over at the Times, with the respective wars on Drugs and Terror going really, very well, thank you.

And, look -- we've even time for a very "punny" headline!
T-Shirt Slight Has West Virginia in Arms
Good one, William G. Connolly!

According to the article, which I skimmed, thank you, West Virginians are upset over an OliverCromwell & Fitch t-shirt that reads "West Virginians Do It To Preserve the Union"

I kid, of course. It's actually some sort of incest joke. "It's Hot, Brother Versus Brother Action in West Virginia" (yes, it's Civil War joke day here at Buck Hill)

To make everyone happy, they ought to combine it with that other contentious T-shirt of this last season.

Yes, clearly,
West Virginia Is For Old People

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