Friday, April 16, 2004

National Commission On Those Who Trespass Against the United States 

Kind of odd Washington Post article:

Her eyes peered out from behind small, wire-rimmed glasses. How frustrating it must be for Reno to have this necessary accessory perched there in the middle of her face. She has done her best to make her glasses disappear. The rims are almost invisible. The style is the sort covered in full by the typical health insurance policy -- functional, reliable, and free from fashion's costly and distracting influence.

Janet Reno was now wearing only brief white panties. She had signaled her desire by removing her shirt and skirt, and by leaning back on the couch. She closed her eyes, concentrating on nothing but Keane's tongue and lips. He gently teased her by licking the areas around her most sensitive erogenous zone. Then he slipped her panties down her legs and, within seconds, his tongue was inside her, moving rapidly.

(c/o Pandagon)

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