Sunday, February 27, 2005

Down With the Ten Capitalist Ministers! All Power To the Soviets! Paul Giamatti Was Robbed! 

I'm on the network! I'm on the network!

Discover the Network, everyone's favorite treason-insinuating experiment in applying neo-McCarthyite (two can play at that game, Mr. Horowitz) plausibly-deniable slander to web design, has put me on the map -- or quirkily laid-out grid, as it were -- by labeling me an traitorous Enemy of the State, vaguely connected to everyone from Ramsey Clark to Ramzi Yousef! No, I haven't made it into the actual "network" yet, but the official "Discover the Network" Blog has called me out as a dangerous radical. Check it out!
February 15, 2005 9:17 pm
Neo-Bolshevist blogger Buck Hill sneers, "I Knew Danny Glover was Connected to Mohammed Atta."

Omigod! I'm a famous fifth-columnist! A "neo-Bolshevist," even! I mean, they have pretty high standards when it comes to assigning ideologies, you know. Wonkette stand-in Choire Sicha is mislabeled as a "Leftwing blogstress" (Mr. Sicha is, in fact, a radically anti-Catholic free-soiler blogstress), and everyone else is called a "liberal" or "leftist." My post's revolutionary sarcasm was clearly enough to push me past mere bourgeois liberalism to actual Marxist-Leninism. Peace! Land! Bread! Blogs!

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