Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tail of Two Cities 

"Conceived in bankruptcy, the new nation founded its capital city on a site convenient to the purposes of a real estate swindle."
-Lewis Lapham, Money and Class in America

One, after admitting that "New Yorkers are smart, tough, hard working, and a lot of fun" (he neglects to mention our hip, black clothing, and our habit of lapsing into an Italian accent in times of stress), tells us that down South "Unemployment for educated professionals with a good work ethic is essentially zero" ("good work ethic" presumably means "white face and no desire for health care") and invites us to "Move to Texas. Have a baby. Shop at Costco. Vote for Bush." This sort of invitation to reform never ceases to charm us. In return, I invite the commenter to move to New York and start using hard drugs.

-Roy Edroso, Alicublog

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