Monday, May 08, 2006

Job Listing: Intern Needed 

Your chance to be a famous official Wonkette intern! Please save me from having to repost this on Wonkette and wade through 200 unfunny applications for the couple great ones.

Basically: If you applied before, it's 90% likely that no one got back to you and you're pissed and stopped reading in a huff and would like to throw a brick through my window. More power to you! Feel free to submit again!

The job entails: Being online for 1 to (at the most) 3 hours a day every weekday, having a very basic ability to craft a one-liner or at least a sarcastic aside. There may be more responsibilities created, depending on how totally awesome you are and how much you needle me into letting you do more.

So -- send me an email, no attachments, telling me who you are. I recommend sending it to alex [at] wonkette .com, mostly out of my totally futile and quixotic mission to maintain some facade of difference between work and personal life. Ha, right. Good luck.

Benefits: monetarily small, but not non-existent. Also: you're totally invited to karaoke night.

Washington DC residence preferred but not required by any means. College students ditto.

Understanding why this is funny ditto.

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