Thursday, March 09, 2006

Why Doesn't It Rain When I'm Sad? 

Just in case you're curious, massive technical problems across the entire Gawker Media network today. So -- slow day over at Wonkette. Sorry, folks, and not much to add here except that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah was boring and I'm superexcited about having illegally downloaded Devils Rats and Piggies the other day, thus completing my collection of Mekons recordings from years 1978-1993 and 1998-present. Still working on the '90s. Though it seems a bit like the '90s to the Mekons were the '80s to Dylan (flashes of the old billiance amidst failed experiments), but without Dylan's recurring laziness/disinterest in the material.

(aaaaaand it looks like we're back over there, so I'm back to work)

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