Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Had I Known Then What I Know Now, I Would've Started With a Funny CNN Headline 

Hey, I passed right by the 2nd Anniversary of Buck Hill, America's Number One Resource for bi-monthly uninteresting music news and in-jokes (I did manage to mark the occasion with a single-link post to a Harper's article -- dudes, no one pays me to write this shit, yr lucky when you get that).

Anyways, I'll use this brief foray into the world of the first-person to say that it's been a fucking weird two years.

And finally, a brief gripe: Please don't send press releases to my gmail address. I read everything that is sent to Wonkette, I promise. Anything else is cool, I like getting email, but press releases just piss me off.

Confidential to DC: Seriously, good pizza by the slice. All I want. And I'm not going to fucking Georgetown or something for it. Also: Where can I sing karaoke Steely Dan on a weeknight? That, I feel, more than meaningful romantic companionship, more than a sense of pride in my work, more than the ability to affect positive change in this fucked-up world, is all I really need right now. If you can help with those other things, though, let me know.

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