Friday, January 20, 2006

Plus, It's Located Over a Sports Apparel Store -- For Your Convenience! 

Have I got an offer for you!

How'd you like to live in a bedroom formerly occupied by an editor of popular internet web log "wonkette.com"? In beautiful Bushwick East Williamsburg? It's got high ceilings, a closet, comes furnished with a slightly ratty chair, and it can be yours by, like, the end of the week.

Only a short walk to the L or the J/M, some of the most reliable lines in the entire subway system! Compared to, say, the G!. Which you're also a couple blocks from!

Anyway, it's cheap. Email me. 'Cause where the hell are you living now, huh? That old dump? And for how much? Seriously, come on over here, I'll take you to the rock star bar, you can meet your greasy new neighbors.

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