Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Random Thoughts On the Upcoming Mayoral Election, Mostly Borrowed 

We liberals do so love the nobility of a lost cause. In my darker moments, when, say, I'm scrounging enough change for one ride on the L train (if it's even running, due to the monopolistic, price-gouging MTA's on-going effort to replace its operators with robots), my thoughts on the political landscape of this fair city due come down to, basically, "God, I hate that fucking pasty-faced rich prick."

If, as the smug old cliche says, a conservative is a liberal whose been mugged, a New York liberal might be one who, after having been mugged, returns home to an apartment almost as shitty and just as unaffordable as that of his or her assailant. Anyway, don't forget to vote, you fucking pasty-faced rich pricks.

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