Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ambitious Young Lawyers in Clean-Shaven Shocker! 

Every week in New York media another lengthy piece is published somewhere that gives a detailed portrait of a group of people whose existence you may not have known about before, but who you now hate with an intense passion. This week, it's "The Little Supremes," rich young people with law degrees and megalomaniac ambition. Here's a fun one:

Rachel Barkow, 34, an associate professor at N.Y.U. Law School, clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia alongside several Little Supremes, serving as the “counter-clerk”—the nickname given to the Democrat he hires to sniff out political biases in his arguments.

Ms. Barkow, a memo has arrived from the rest of the country: YOU'RE DOING A SHITTY JOB. Unless your job, having sniffed out said biases, entails underlining those biases, adding a smiley face in the margins next to them, and symbolically burning the 9th Amendment while kicking a gay puppy. In which case, good work, hope you enjoy your judgeship.

Compliments extended also to Anna Shneider-Mayerson for this sentence:

They wear blazers comfortably -- —not a lot of beards or nose rings here.

Law partners... with ambitious career goals... dressing conservatively...? BUT THEY ARE UNDER 40 YEARS OLD! WHY DO THEY NOT SPORT BITCHIN' TATTOOS AND PARTICIPATE IN THE ESPN2 "X-GAMES"?

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