Monday, October 17, 2005

Such a Pleasure to Employ 

And as long as I'm continuing to write about things I wrote about at Gawker, except to an audience of three or four (and hell, why not keep using the funny pictures I found?), here's a bit of today's "Metropolitan Diary":

Although deemed too young to enter kindergarten, the granddaughter of my friend Sue Teich was nevertheless granted an interview at a selected school.

The interviewer asked the child if she could count to 10. The child obeyed and proceeded to count from one to 10 without missing a beat.

"That was excellent," the interviewer said. "Now can you count backward?"

The child turned her back to the interviewer and began again without missing a beat, "One, two, three ..."

If only creativity were the criteria for admission.

Twice. Twice in one fucking cute kid anecdote.

They are mocking me.

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