Thursday, September 08, 2005

You Kids Know What's Going On, Right? 

Someone tell me -- what the fuck is myspace? Should I care about it? How is it different from a livejournal?

I've a feeling this fellow could tell me -- I happen to know that his embrace of the zeitgeist is passionate enough for him to have filmed an MTV pilot. Or something like that, I don't remember. The point is: although he is under the mistaken impression that I have anything to do with Sploid anymore, he's kinda funny.

Though he's in one of those goddamned "comedy troupes" that terrorize our every performance venue -- you can't throw a brick in this town without hitting someone who will make it into an improv exercise.

Not to speak ill of late veterans of comedy troupes past.

The other important thing to note (I'm totally buzzing on cold medicine right now, by the way) is that, all criticism of George Bush aside, he really does appear to be a quite talented (if experimental) guitarist -- that's some complicated jazz shit he's playing, like a D 13th b5 or something.

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