Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Some Content Is About to GET FREE! 

Shhhh! Let's keep this between us, ok?

Hey, you wouldn't have paid for Thomas Friedman's no-longer-charming naivete anyway:

If Mr. Bush wants to make anything of his second term, he'll have to do his own Nixon-to-China turnaround, reframe the debate and recast the priorities of his presidency. He seems to think that by offering to spend billions of dollars to rebuild one city, New Orleans, he'll get his leadership halo back. Wrong. Just throwing more borrowed money at New Orleans is not leadership. Mr. Bush needs to frame a new agenda for rebuilding all our cities and strengthening the nation as a whole. And what should be the centerpiece of a policy of American renewal is blindingly obvious: making a quest for energy independence the moon shot of our generation.

Yes, that will certainly happen. While it's no stretch of the imagination to think Bush will emulate Nixon, he's a little more likely to mine a harbor than metaphorically "visit China." Though he might cruise over it in Air Force One, wearing a snappy jacket, of course.

Thanks, Sadly No!

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