Thursday, September 01, 2005

Six Feet of Water In the Streets of Evangeline 

Can anyone confirm this with a more reputable source?

'Fats' Domino Missing in New Orleans
Before NBC, MTV or anyone else puts on a telethon to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, they might want to explore some ancillary issues. To wit: New Orleans is a city famous for its famous musicians, but many of them are missing. Missing with a capital M.

To begin with, one of the city’s most important legends, Antoine "Fats" Domino, has not been heard from since Monday afternoon. Domino’s rollicking boogie-woogie piano and deep soul voice are not only part of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame but responsible for dozens of hits like “Blue Monday,” “Ain’t That a Shame,” “Blueberry Hill” and “I’m Walking (Yes, Indeed, I’m Talking).”

Domino, 76, lives with his wife Rosemary and daughter in a three-story pink-roofed house in New Orleans’ 9th ward, which is now under water.

On Monday afternoon, Domino told his manager, Al Embry of Nashville, that he would “ride out the storm” at home. Embry is now frantic.

Calls have been made to Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s office and to various police officials, and though there’s lots of sympathetic response, the whereabouts of Domino and his family remain a mystery.
Also not heard from by friends through last night: New Orleans’s “Queen of Soul” Irma Thomas, who was the original singer of what became the Rolling Stones’ hit, “Time is On My Side.”

And where the fuck is the federal government?

How can that goddam Randy Newman song I posted Sunday night become more appropriate every day?

The cops have been ordered to protect private property by any means necessary, while no one seems to be organizing any sort of major search-and-rescue while that is still possible.

Let the looters fucking loot if they want to -- these store-owners have no stores to go back to, fer chrissakes.

The fact that a major American city can turn into a shitty post-apocalyptic movie, more or less abandoned by the federal government (except for those of its representatives protecting Wal-Mart) and left to fend for itself in some bizarre combination of martial law and anarchy once the white folk flee, is heartening to this non-car-owning Brooklyn resident.

I would like to point out that this is more less the situation that led to the rise of crazed populist Huey Long. And these days, yr crazed populists are more likely to be religious fanatics than mere dime-store wealth redistributors. So watch the fuck out.

UPDATE: Further sketchy, unattributed hearsay has it that Alex fucking Chilton is missing as well.

Courtesy I Love Music:

from a co-worker:

"heard about it on the mishpucha list. Even crazier is that Chilton gave his car to a girl from the Gories so she could leave town."

FURTHER UPDATE: Look, it doesn't make the news any better, but Reuters says there is at least a chance Fats got out... and as for Mr. Chilton, well... maybe, maybe not.

My advice to everyone is to turn the tv off and donate money. But not to FEMA.

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