Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I Believe In Salt Along the Rims of the Glasses 

Someone please tell me I'm not just dreaming this:

Like on October 25, when the Hold Steady will perform a live acoustic set during seventh period (12:40-2:10 pm, folks) in Littleton, Colorado's Littleton High School gymnasium.

By now, it has probably set in that this show a) isn't at a bar, b) isn't at night, and c) won't be open to the public. But we still think you should know about it, because the circumstances surrounding the performance are pretty darn cool. See, the event is part of a special program at LHS called Freshman Academy, one dedicated to aiding ESL, Special Education, and behaviorally/emotionally troubled freshmen in the transition from middle school to high school.

One of the Freshman Academy instructors, Thom Uhl, heard about the Hold Steady on NPR's All Things Considered, and thought that the band's music and message would fit right in on Mental Health Mondays, a segment of the program directed at tackling various teen and social issues. Uhl contacted the Hold Steady and, well, the rest is history...or upcoming...or something!

The class is currently studying the band's music and using the lyrics to fuel class discussion. In preparation for the big day, the kids are participating in an invitation-design contest, constructing a Hold Steady Advent calendar and...wait for it...staging a Hold Steady look-alike contest.
[emphasis in original, though it totally would've been mine anyway]

Ahem. A Hold Steady lookalike contest.

This is what the Hold Steady look like:

Ok, really. Here are some selected Hold Steady lyrics for your students to study:

He was breaking bread and giving thanks. with crosses made of pipes and planks. leaned up against the nitrous tanks. he said take a hit. hold your breath and I'll dunk your head. then when you wake up again. you'll be high as hell and born again.

Look, I used to attend a college that Robert fucking Christgau taught at, and nothing remotely this cool ever happened.

In fact, I would say that the Hold Steady are determined to make being in a semi-popular rock band as completely ridiculous as possible -- how else to explain their bizarre KISS Saves Christmas-esque appearance in this Target-sponsored internet-only sitcom-ish thing (episodes four and five, which you must watch)?

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