Thursday, September 29, 2005

Freaky If You Got This Far 

Let's say you're a brilliant, impressionistic singer-songwriter signed to an awful label. Let's say you need to get out of your contract right quick so you can release the most difficult and poetic album of your career. What do you do?

You sit down and make up 31 songs on the spot, with titles like "Twist and Shake," "Shake and Roll," and "You Say France and I Whistle."

You are Van Morrison, by the way. Download your greatest work here.

The lyrics are here.

I see, you see, we'll get a guitar,
yeah, we'll get a guitar
and, oh, we'll get, we'll get three guitars,
No!, No!!, we'll get four guitars
and we'll get Herbie Lovelle to play drums,
and we'll do, the
"Sha-la", sha...
We'll do the sha-, sha-la bit.
"Sha-la, sha-, sha-la, sha-la", we'll do it,
we'll get together, uunghh, we'll get
uunghh, ttcchh, uugnhh-uunghh-uunghh, like that,
and we'll do the sha-la bit and then,
then, then, and we'll get, we'll get sixteen guitars,
and then, then we'll play it,
and then we'll do that one, yeah.
Let me hear ya' do that again.
Over and over, Bert Berns song, over...

This man would write and record "Madame George" within a year.

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