Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Also, Me and Cynthia Liu Got the Same Score On the SATs, but I Still Write Grammatically Incorrect Post Titles 

Atrios and Jack Shafer have apparently never read a "trend piece" before, if they're getting all hot under the collar over this one. They exist for one reason: supremacy on the most emailed list, which this one is currently OWNING (of course, without the heavy-hitters in TimesSelect to contend with, it's a bit like batting .500 in tee-ball).

It's true, though, that this story sure as hell doesn't belong in the the A section. It's a Sunday Styles piece, or maybe a "Way We Live Now" if it was in the first-person (which it so wants to be). But haven't we learned yet that trend pieces in the Times bear as close a relation to real news as dispatches from Elisabeth Bumiller?

Should we now expect Mr. Shafer to point out that, contrary to Malcom McLaren, rock 'n' roll was not, in fact, invented by Christian Dior?

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