Friday, September 02, 2005

"31.3 Feet of Water Atop Howard Beach" 

I made tangential reference to this earlier, but all residents of very large coastal cities ought to be fucking petrified right now. This scaremongering but suddenly useful NY Press article describes what a hurricane could do to New York, though it could use an update now that we know that the federal government does not give a shit if an entire city perishes.

It seems increasingly possible that, should something like this happen here, Manhattan would be more or less succesfully evacuated while the less wealthy parts of Brooklyn and Queens would become New Orleans redux.

I hate to make this all about me, considering how quickly this sort of talk becomes irritating, but it might be worth your while to figure out an evacuation plan. One that doesn't rely on Greyhound, of course. Or the Metro-North.

Alex Chilton is still missing, by the way. Considering how many thousands of people are dying or dead right now, it's not that important in a grand-scheme sense, but it's still depressing as fuck.

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