Sunday, August 21, 2005

This Week in the City Section 

The City

Tugboat Alley
Boooorrrriinng. Hey, Times -- Staten Island doesn't count. I mean, tugboats are no substitute for outer-borough local color or self-obsessed personal essays about one's bohemian grandmother.

A Toast, With a Shot and a Beer
Perfect. Vintage City Section. Some slumming writer's oh-so-New York embellished recollections of a dive bar -- this is the section's raison d'etre. And even better -- it's quietly disappearing!

The Best People-Watching the Sky Has To Offer
Acrobatics or circus freaks? Say no more!

Hopes Fade for Aging Beauties of Admiral's Row
This could've been another perfect City Section piece -- old, decrepit relic of New York's past that most residents have, at some time or another, walked by and wondered what the hell it is. But it's too newsy and dry. No atmosphere in a piece that's begging for it. If you haven't been by Admiral's Row, check it out before it's gone -- it's like a huge Tim Burton set, all lost Victorian grandeur.

Duck Tongues and Other Security Threats
Gruff cops, funny foreigners, quietly humorous grave tone -- you keep this up, Jennifer Bleyer, and you may someday make "Talk of the Town."

Where the Play Dates Are Fun, but Itchy
Always end it on a Cute Kid Quote (tm).

The Secret Jardin
After an unexplained absence, more High Line stories. Throw in a bit of "divides her time between Paris and the United States," and you've got the reason this is City and not plain ol' boring New York/Region.

Summer's Rebels: Hell No, We Won't Go
Everyone's rich, right? ("I suspect this temptation is experienced by many New Yorkers lucky enough to own, rent or borrow a place outside the city...")

Food, Flowers, Fitness: Versatile Merchant Expands His Empire
An Italian guy who teaches Pilates? This I gotta see!

Along the Waterfront, the Mystery of the Cinnamon Buns
Two immutable rules of New York: Queens smells, City Section pieces are often poached from bulletin boards.

The Power Behind the Cones Is Leaving
Colorful local character, disappearing forever, oh-so-New York, you starting to get it?

Mama's Gone, Along With the Peach Cobbler
Addendum to immutable rule: "Web logs" too.

Who Will They Dig Up Next?
Yay! Contest! Former New Yorkers (and current New Yorker subscribers) living in Phoenix will be thrilled at another chance to make it into the metro section, especially since that asshole Metropolitan Diary editor keeps rejecting their story about the precocious kid on the 6 train in 1994.

The City [NYT]

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