Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday Random Ten 

With More-Or-Less Arbitrarily Chosen Lyric Excerpts

Gang of Four - "Ether"
(There may be oil / Under Rockall)
Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash - "On the Road Again"
(Insisting that the world keep turning our way)
Trike - "Salamander"
(You are a salamander)
Gang of Four [again?] - "Outside the Trains Don't Run On Time"
(Discipline! Is his passion! Now! He says there's none!)
The Velvet Underground - "Candy Says"
(Doo-doo-wah / Doooo, doo-doo-wah)
Doc Watson - "Blue Railroad Train"
(I'm not as bad / as you might think I am)
Johnny Cash - "One"
(Well it's too late / tonight / to drag the past out into the light)
David Bowie - "What In the World"
(So deep in your room / you never leave your room)
The Rolling Stones - "Off the Hook"
(Don't wanna see her, afraid of what I'd find / Tired of letting her upset me all the time)
Husker Du - "Whatcha Drinkin'?"
(I don't care what you say / I don't care what you're drinking today)

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