Sunday, July 24, 2005

Also, I Am Moving To Bushwick 

SPOTTED: Al Franken at Minneapolis' Thai staple Sawatdee, yesterday evening. If the guy is planning to go back to being a regular ol' famous-for-Minnesota celeb, he's certainly dressing the part. I posted an item on Gawker about rumors of his impending move back to the Twin Cities, the gist of which was that the former Mr. Tom Davis was too big-time for the local Air America affiliate, which operates, from what I understand, out of the basement of a hardware store and pays its talent in bags of irregular washers and shims. Al is, I believe, looking for a house in the area, but rumors of his defection to Clear Channel have been greatly exaggerated. If anything, he ought to class 950 AM up a little once he moves the ol' dog and Lanpher show to the heartland. But not in that filthy white t-shirt he won't.

Yesterday also occasioned the annual celebration of my birth. I am approximately the same age as Live Aid, and just as effective.

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