Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This, I Promise You, Will Remain A Slater-Free Zone 

Somebody set us up the meme.

Done very quickly, before I fall asleep. Naps are the new social lives.

Three favorite bands / musical artists:

Jesus. You can't expect me to rank this.

The Replacements
Bob Dylan
The Velvet Underground

Three favorite songs:

Oh my god. Whoever wrote this can't possibly be a music fan. Only three? How about three of my many favorite songs by the aforementioned artists. Once again, no ranking implied.

"Left of the Dial"
"Visions of Johanna"
"Pale Blue Eyes"

Three of your favorite hobbies/interests:

Roof parties
Playing the ukulele

Three things that scare you:

Finding an apartment next fall.
Christian fascism.

(slightly altered question) Three of your favorite fiction writers:


New question: Three of your favorite novels:

Lucky Jim
The Crying of Lot 49
The Big Sleep

Three celeb crushes:

Christ. I haven't had a "celebrity crush" since 10th grade or so. Uh...
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Barbara Stanwyck
Dorothy Parker

Three favorite animals:

Emperor Penguins
Duck-billed platypus
the Northern Snakehead

Three conspiracy theories you think are true:

Kissinger sabotaged the Paris peace talks to help Nixon
G.H.W. Bush had Sununu steal the '88 New Hampshire primaries (with computers!)
Courtney killed Kurt

Three names you go by:

"your annoying and unfunny guest-editor"
Ralex (nickname circa 9th grade, due to someone thinking my name was "Ryan," refusing to accept that it wasn't, agreeing to split the difference)
David Mamet

Three places you want to go on vacation:


I send this on to Byron Calame, Erica Jong, and, uh... Vestal Vespa. I'm looking forward to Erica's.

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