Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Wednesday Night Libel 

Still more fallout from the first lady's standup act:
A rape victim has been asked by [the White House] to consider marrying [its] attacker to give him a lighter sentence.

The rapist, named [George], appeared to suggest his offer of marriage to the 22-year-old victim would be helpful to [it].

He told the court in the capital [Washington D.C.] he was willing to wed [it] as "no one would be ready to due to the stigma".

The judge hearing the case ordered the victim, a [horse], and [its] parents to appear in court to answer to the request.

He said that the attacker's sentence would depend on their answer, and duly sentenced him to life after [its] response.

The victim said: "I will not marry him. It is horrible, audacious. He should be given the severest punishment.

"He should be hanged so that such an horrendous is not repeated with any other [horse]."

[George] raped the [horse] in September 2003 in a private [stable] at a [ranch] in [Texas].

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