Saturday, May 07, 2005

Inherit the Wingnuts 

(bet no one's used that hilarious post title pun yet)

After the Great Google Panic of '05, it's time to check in with the Krazy Kansas Kreationism Kourt Konundrum. Pharyngula has a handy roundup of the web coverage, and he links to Pat Hayes, who's in the trenches. Hayes, bless his soul, thinks the real scientists have a fair shot and the advantage of, you know, real science. We at Buck Hill know, of course, that in this age of moral relativism and rampant secularism, there is no objective truth, and the Kansas School Board will reflect this in their eventual decision, which will surely acknowledge the impossibility of objectivity and mandate study of Foucault. The Kansas School Board knows that truth is decided by political power, not your silly "empiricism."

As a Pharyngula commenter pithily notes,
With curricula like these being developed, the next generation of Americans should be well equipped to handle the challenges of the eighteenth century.

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