Sunday, May 08, 2005

In Which I Use David Brooksian Selective Quotation To Make a Misleading Point 

May 8 New York Times:
Brooklyn Man, 29, Dies After Shooting and Car Crash

A 29-year-old Brooklyn man who was shot and crashed his car while driving died early yesterday, the police said.

They said it was unclear whether the man, identified as Abdul Carlisle, of Bushwick, had been shot before or after his late-model Lexus crashed around 2 a.m. into a parked car and a lamppost at Wyckoff and DeKalb Avenues in Bushwick.

May 8 Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

The Devil's Chair was an ancient rock formation that stood for thousands of years on the Minnesota side of the St. Croix River, about 50 miles northeast of the Twin Cities. In April, a rock climber reported the landmark's destruction. Millions of boaters and canoeists must have seen the chair over the years. A pinnacle of rock that looked like a high-backed chair, it was considered the primary scenic, geological and cultural attraction in the Taylors Falls area. Anyone with information about possible vandalism can contact the Interstate State Park manager at 651-465-5711.

Goin' home this week.

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