Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Buck Hill Announces BuckSelect 

MINNEAPOLIS -- May 18, 2005-- Buck Hill announced today a new online offering called BuckSelect, which for a modest fee will provide exclusive access to posts and funny pictures on colormeimpressed.blogspot.com, easy and in-depth access to Buck Hill's online archives, early access to select puns on the site, as well as other exciting features.

While most of the news, features and heavy-handed satire on Buck Hill will remain free and available to users, theatrical parodies of other blogs, posts about music, and mocking of some of the best known voices from the news side of The Times and The International Herald Tribune (IHT) will be available only to BuckSelect subscribers beginning in September. BuckSelect will be priced at fifty bucks or the equivalent amount of decent beer for an annual subscription.

"This is a great offering," said Martin Nisenholtz, senior vice president of digital operations and funny nicknames. "BuckSelect combines the insights and ideas and distinctive voice of some college student with a cable modem with seamless access to our archives in an unprecedented way and at a terrific price point. At the same time, by keeping the majority of the site free, we will continue to scale the business through strong blogroll growth."

BuckSelect features include:

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