Thursday, April 21, 2005

They're No Brazilian Girls. But Then, Neither Are the Brazilian Girls. 

Just a brief note:
The greatness of mp3 blogs, their potential for new models of music distribution, their ability to give otherwise overlooked acts exposure that a record company wouldn't be willing to invest in creating, all that aside, anyone who writes this:
With this record, it feels to me like Bloc Party has managed the impossible: they have completely reinvented rock and roll music.

is a fool. Especially when it comes immediately after accurate references to said band sounding (a great deal at times, but to generally good effect) like The Fall, The Specials, Gang of Four, and Joy Division. Two bands I love, one I like, and one I've always thought overrated (you can guess, it doesn't matter). In other words, The Bloc Party are okay.

The difference between revolutionary and okay is one that escapes lots of people -- look at Sideways or, say, Joy Division (gave it away, there). For examples of the sublime and the revolutionary, check out the Cinema Comedy Tournament Finals and vote or die over at the Norbizness Experience.

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