Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Slightly More Interesting Than Repeatedly Googling Yourself 

Yes, I'm back-dating these to keep the Pope's eye on the intel czar, but this was such a great idea, that I had to post it:
googlemilking (stupid name, yes, but stay with me here)

It's kind of like thinking of a great setup, and letting the internets provide the punchline.
Just as you know that any sentence beginning with the words "I'm not one of those racialists but ..." will end in a diatribe about immigration, it is obvious that the closing part of a statement beginning "I'm totally straight but" will be something along the lines of "I'm not totally straight". Some of them are hilarious. Some are shocking. All are entertaining.

Try it: google (in quotes) something like "and they all blamed me" -- and there you go. Instant literature.

So -- try it at home, and can we think of a better name for this, please?

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