Wednesday, April 06, 2005


You know, this isn't the first time the Associated Press has managed to "scoop" the competition with material from a particularly gruesome terrorist act. One starts to wonder -- how are they doing it? Could it be because they are aiding the terrorists to get stories? How, for example, could one Mr. Eddie Adams possibly have gotten this shot:

He would've had to have been only yards away from the killings. What would the chances be of a press photographer, ambling through Saigon, happening upon such an iconic image accidentally? That would be like me walking though New York and happening upon a gang war! You know, if I was a professional photojournalist, and there was actually a gang war going on, and I knew where it was, on account of it being a war zone, and if it was my job to take pictures of that kind of thing.

I demand an immediate investigation from the Pulitzer committee. Please contact your local congressman.

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