Saturday, April 23, 2005

New York Mayoral Race 2005 

I can't believe Burt Reynolds is playing Boss Tweed! edition

On Mayoral Issues, Weiner Has an Idea or Two (or More)

Weiner (whom a more shameless blogger might call "aptly named") does indeed have a number of interesting ideas -- like blatant pandering to Catholics and Jews at the expense of the first amendment and bedrock principles of academic freedom (respectively).

He should run a fairly interesting race once he can figure out how to violate the 4th Amendment in some way that would please Hispanics.

But honestly, can he imagine there ever being a "Mayor Weiner"?

The rest of 'em? Booooring. Here's the summary:
Freddy Ferrer accidentally proposed a tax. Also, it's still news that he refuses to apologize for personally shooting Amadou Diallo.

C. Virginia Fields has given new, more boring meaning to the word "controversy."


And finally, Bob Kerrey decided that the best way to truly fight for what he believes in would be to fire James Lipton. Actors Studio students stage over-dramatic protest, demand to know how many schools he "killed" today. Kerrey didn't kill the Actor's Studio, of course. He just held it down while a subordinate cut its funding.

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