Sunday, April 24, 2005

Mission Creep
Or: COINTELPRO, What A Beautiful Morning!

Negroponte Must Take Charge
First, he must create a sense of community within the fractured confederation of agencies that do our spying. The director of national intelligence should launch a range of initiatives designed to foster interagency information-sharing and collaboration, creating a sense of shared mission.

Spying: Giving Out U.S. Names
According to information obtained by NEWSWEEK, since January 2004 NSA received—and fulfilled—between 3,000 and 3, 500 requests from other agencies to supply the names of U.S. citizens and officials (and citizens of other countries that help NSA eavesdrop around the world, including Britain, Canada and Australia) that initially were deleted from raw intercept reports. Sources say the number of names disclosed by NSA to other agencies during this period is more than 10,000. About one third of such disclosures were made to officials at the policymaking level; most of the rest were disclosed to other intel agencies and, perhaps surprisingly, only a small proportion to law-enforcement agencies.

Negroponte: Getting Results!

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