Thursday, April 21, 2005

Jumps, Giggles, and Shouts 

I went to the Experience Music Project in Seattle a couple years back, and thought it was kinda pointless.

Robert Christgau and Phil Freeman disagree. I suppose having a forum for goofy academic conferences about Iron Maiden is, on the whole, a good thing, but the museum portion was just artifacts behind glass and a general Children's Museum/allmusic-for-dummies kind of vibe.

See, they should take a few pages from the new Lincoln museum and spice things up a bit with the magic of imagineering! Have an animatronic Mama Cass choking on a sandwich (who cares if it's apocryphal!)! Have a "Heaven's Band" with a robot Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon, Janis Joplin, Robert Johnson and Sid Vicious all playing the soundtrack to American Graffiti on into eternity! Hire impersonators to reenact great Rock 'n' Roll Trials Through History!

All I'm saying is, if you're contemplating a visit to next year's EMP Pop Conference... you might be an indie yuppie.

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