Monday, April 18, 2005

I Should Only Be So Lucky 

As part of my new job destroying the media elite from the inside, I've been infiltrating its outlying colonies and preparing to push into its center. And I'm making good time -- today, I was linked to by Washington Post-subsidiary/former Microsoft satellite Slate, in their "Today's Blogs (Tomorrow the World)" feature -- which is just one step away from a mention and a blurry screenshot on CNN's Blog Report! I can't tell for sure, but I think they mistook italicized sarcasm for sincere "amazement" at the number of candidates running for mayor in New York. I'm not actually surprised -- I expect every nutjob and dead-ender to crawl out of the woodwork when they smell a primary, though the war criminals tend to get cold feet when their inescapable Nabraskanism is pointed out. Hey, I kid 'cause I love. I'm applying to your school, Bob, please don't read this post. I have a recommendation from Professor Michael Bérubé, you know.

Then, demonstrating that I can give as good as I get, I fired off a poorly-edited letter to Romenesko (scroll way, way down -- damn you, Romenesko!!), thus hitting the journalists where it hurts -- right in their masochistic/narcissistic obsession with self-criticism!

A couple links:
The guy who writes "Sally Forth" has a blog. And he's funny! See his other comic for evidence.

Chris Schroen on the etymology of "zimmitude".

And David Brock, via americablog, gives us a very special look at the life of heterosexual non-Republican Matt Drudge.

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