Friday, April 22, 2005

Coming In 2008: Gideon Yago's The Making of the President's Playlist 

This generation's The Boys On the Bus, no doubt.

There can be no doubt anymore that Alexandra Pelosi is living proof of the Law of Diminishing Returns.

But she knows the Official New Truth about Journalism these days, which is that the kids don't care none about it no more. The problem is either that it is too "biased" or that there isn't enough of an effort to relate news to what marketers have (pre)determined young'uns really care about.

I am willing to offer my services as a youth consultant to any large media corporation willing to shell out either a six-figure fee or tickets to see The Shins.

Here's a few tips pro bono, 'cause we kids sincerely believe that information wants to be free:

Blogs. Find out what these are and report back to us. Might be important. (And here's another hint: You can use them for super-secret and subtle "viral marketing"!)

Irreverence. We 18-35s think nothing is sacred! We're sarcastic! We make jokes about stuff! Wouldn't it be funny if you put Hootie in a commercial dressed like a cowboy? Yes! We love South Park because they are so un-PC and we hate it when things are PC! South Park is funny because they make jokes that tell us what to think about stuff! And stuff's complicated! (Note: Often confused with "irrelevance.")

Oral Sex. Find out what this is and report back to us. Might be important

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