Saturday, March 05, 2005

Will the Circle Be Unbroken? 

I really didn't want to link to yet another article from the Style section of the Times, especially one about inexplicably famous people who happen to attend my school, but jesus christ, Ruth La Fera -- this is not trend-setting. Minneapolis bike-punks, the least fashionable people on Earth, have been dressing like this since at least 1998. I mean it -- they dress identically. The cowboy boots, the leggings, the hand-knit scarves, the tchotchke earrings, the dozens of baggy layers, it's the same fucking thing. Now, of course, they'll have to stop. So this is service journalism, I guess. Thank you, Style Section! Soon, the tall-bikers will have to move on to wearing something stupider looking, like barrels held up with suspenders and matching spats. Then, Haylie Duff will start wearing barrels, and they'll eventually be available with ironic screen-printed slogans at Urban Outfitters.

Buy your own Buck Hill-branded barrels and spats at my Cafe Press store!!!

UPDATE: I don't mean to suggest, of course, that the look is particular to Minneapolis bike-punks. They're just the ones I know personally. New York has bike-punks, but they can't afford to dress like Mary-Kate or her "equally funky sister." Affected Bohemianism is a pricey luxury in this town.

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