Wednesday, March 09, 2005


CBGB's is closing.

The Cube has disappeared.

On the Bowery tonight, there are dozens of cold, desperate 16-year-old anachronisms wondering where to congregate. Can't you find it in your heart to help them? Go, go to them -- look, that one with the torn Carharts, he's crying to himself, too proud to show his face. Is he trying to impress the girl in the black hoodie? Those skateboarders? Nevermind -- now is the time to ease his suffering. Tell him it will be all right, that there will be other long-dead cultural moments to preserve. Tell him about the time you saw The Feelies at ol' CB's (Christgau was there!), and then tell him that, well, punk rock died once before, many years ago, and the hangers-on and scenesters had to move on. In the ensuing Post-Punk Wars, it was (College Rock) brother against (New Wave) brother, and thousands died. But, like his parents before him, now that punk is dead, he has Culture Club to look forward to.

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