Saturday, March 19, 2005

I'll Declare Bankruptcy Once I Stash All These Dylan Bootlegs In My Asset Protection Trust 

Those plucky li'l douchebags at Pitchfork have a funny writer!

I must admit, with some embarrassment, that I did not suspect it was satirical until I read the faux title Trigger Cut: Castration Fear in the Art of Stephen Malkmus, and I actually thought the Dylan book looked pretty interesting. That's your brain on Cinema Studies classes, I suppose. No bullshit pseudo-academic blather sounds too far-fetched.

In other music news, I'm thinking of starting some sort of "Jewish Rock Star Confluence '05 Fundraiser", as the month of April will find Paul Westerberg, Lou Reed, and Bob Dylan playing New York within weeks of each other. My bank account is still recovering from injuries caused by Spring Break-related Program Activities, and by the time Westerberg tickets go on sale, I'll probably be deciding between a new Metrocard and groceries.

I'd put one of those Paypal buttons up, but you'd be paying, in essence, for me to stop blogging, as I only maintain this thing when I have nothing to do on, say, a Saturday night. And while people are willing to pay big money for someone like Andrew Sullivan to stop blogging, I'm but an amateur asshole surrounded by professionals. But hey, maybe I'll be drafted. In the meantime, NYU's making a small fortune off all the Buck Hill endorsement deals. (I've got the March Madness! And it's a dangerously fast-acting mutant strain, resistant to traditional treatment!)

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