Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Good News For People Who Love Bad Covers 

I take it all back -- every damn word. Punk Rock is Alive and Well. Not in California, but in those kick-ass kidz of Kidz Bop! They're like a regular School of Rock over there, and if you need proof that these youngsters are the living embodiments of Sid, Nancy, and Sluggo, just go here immediately.

Oh, yes. I know you soffed when you heard "Lust For Life" in that cruise ship ad, and you the shuddered at the abuse "Let's Spend the Night Together" took at the hands of the Sheraton Hotels chain, but you will be a convert the minute you hear the kidz deliver the line "Well, a fake Jamaican took every last dime with that scam, Hey!"

I hear the Kidz Bop Kids next project is a collection of their favorites from Matador's 90's output. Their version of the Guided By Voices track "Unbated Vicar of Scorched Earth" is not to be missed, nor is their poppy, upbeat take on "Loretta's Scars."

By the way -- the concept of indie cred just collapsed in on itself, and I'm pretty sure I read that The Shins were appointed CEO of Boeing.

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