Sunday, February 27, 2005

Gimme Site-Specific Art 

Saw Albert Maysles today. I was walking around Central Park shouting "where the hell are the 'Gates'?!" and selling construction-site safety vest swatches to German tourists. The legendary documentarian was riding a golf-cart with his crew and some of those Gates employees with the big tennis-ball lances. When they started filming I considered finding a hippie to stab, just to liven things up a bit, but the nearest ones were way back at the sparsely attended anti-war (?) protest on 82nd.

If you haven't seen The Gates, you've missed your chance. You'll just have to make your own gigantic populist public environmental art. Wrapping Castle Clinton in gaffers tape hasn't been taken yet -- get your application in soon. You'll want to finish your work by the fall, to beat out the SoHo-based husband and wife artists who are dressing up Garibaldi like a mummy.

Seriously, though, it was pretty neat. And that's about all you can ask of $21 million temporary large-scale public art these days, isn't it?

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