Friday, February 11, 2005


EASONJORDONGATE has come to an exciting and dramatic close! I know how closely all of you have been following it, so I won't waste your time recapping this exciting story of "bloggers" taking a break from all that self-correction to start correcting the personal opinions of CNN employees with no control over editorial content.

Yes, Mr. Jordon was a relic, a dinosaur, an old-media giant who should have known better than to say anything potentially outside the center-right mainstream of political discourse, especially before a very small audience and with no transcript available, thus giving him the oh-so-convenient excuse of being taken "out of context" or "apologizing" for claiming that there was anything whatsoever worrying about "the alarming number of journalists killed in Iraq."

Yes, Mr. Jordon, who possibly didn't say what he's reported to have said, and didn't actually seem to be claiming that the Army was intentionally killing journalists, just that they were indiscriminately killing anything that moves (something journalists are known to do every now and then), was clearly a subversive element, who needed to be dealt with. Indeed. Heh.

On the other side of the blaisle ("blog aisle"), the left has continued its persecution of poor, misunderstood Jeff Gannon, whose only real crime, when you come down to it, was possibly operating an escort agency, having access to classified CIA documents as part of an administration effort to discredit a respected ambassador through illegally leaking the identity of his CIA operative wife, and gaining access to the White House and President Bush using a fake name while working for a fake news agency, after failing to have passed the security check necessary to get him Capitol Hill press credentials.

Clearly, the left is in the grips of a homophobic gay panic, focusing so intently on the man's confused sexual politics, his glistening, sculpted figure, his strong opposition to gay marriage and support of Senator Santorum, and his continuing to pay the costs of maintaining the domain registrations of MilitaryEscortsM4M.com and MilitaryEscorts.com.

Why does the left insist on "outing" gay people who are actively working, with god on their side, to make all their gay friends into second-class citizens? Maybe because they hate gay people? And love terrorists?

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