Friday, February 04, 2005

Anti-Tree Marriage Law Ruled Unconstitutional 

New York is one step closer to a visit from Buster (and the pursuant street-side man-on-pan-on-tiny handbag-sized dog sex orgies across Chelsea) with the news today that the gays can get hitched -- and good on them.

As the Voice notes, the ruling doesn't come into effect for another 30 days, precisely enough time for a media circus to plant tentstakes outside the courthouse and for Mayor Bloomberg to royally fuck over the New York GLBT community (and not in the fun, quite recently legally-sanctioned way). Bloomberg is at something of an impasse, facing awful approval ratings but also a reelection bid that most people consider quite winnable -- vast name-recognition and vaster riches will do that for a guy, even an unqualified non-charismatic fuckup like this).

Giuliani, fascism aside (but not too far aside, we'll need it later), was an occasionally enthusiastic (but always politically pragmatic) supporter of gay rights -- appropriate for a mayor whose governing style was best symbolized by a forced sodomizing -- which translated into support from most self-identified "gay" people in his reelection and none whatsoever from African Americans (and, I think, only one vote from a gay black man).

Bloomberg has worked almost as hard as the post-9/11 Giuliani to cozy up to the ruling Republican theocracy, allowing them to hold their "no gay sex please, we're Christian"-themed convention in the comfort and safety of a New York unburdened by actual New Yorkers, with sidewalk traffic lighter by 2,000+ people. More to the point, he's refused to support same-sex partner benefits for New York workers. But unlike his Kerik-stained predecessor, Bloomberg still has to deal with the New Yorkers who elected him, then voted decisively against four more years of his peer in the Grand Old Party, Mr. I Once Shouted in a Bullhorn At Ground Zero, But Neglected To Mention That the Air Was Still Poison.

So we'll see what the hell happens now. Bloomberg will now show himself to be a New Yorker or a Republican. I got as much faith in him as I had in the Vikings this year. Which is to say, put your money on "Republican."

I'll let the last word be had by my favorite theologist and cultural critic, who we met in San Francisco last year:

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