Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Also - Why Is There No Pornography On the Internet? 

I think in the recent Estrich/Kinsley/Drum/Slightly-more-than-half-the-species debate, something has been missing. Specifically, where are all the Conservatives in the blogosphere? A quick glance at my own blogroll shows there is only one, a General J.C. Christian, heterosexual patriot, whom I have linked to primary out of a concern for balance.

But even long searches of the blogrolls of other bloggers on my blogroll turns up nothing. Look at the recent "Koufax Awards" -- were there any Conservative (or even moderate Republican!) bloggers nominated? No. No, there were not. Not one. None. Just kidding there is one are two but on one blog. But only two. Because there are hardly any conservative bloggers at all, and those few that exist are unpopular because I have never read them, which means they are not very good.

I wonder why that is. No, scratch "wonder," I agonize over this alarming fact. Is it because of the Internet's roots as a method of distributing bootleg recordings of Phish concerts? Because blogging is an essentially useless act of complete political impotence, thus lending itself well to modern Democratic thought?

Perhaps Conservatives are too stupid to learn the basic HTML necessary to "link" to things. Well, if Conservatives want a piece of the blog revolution (which will be both televised and liveblogged, and then fisked), either they will have to adapt or I will have to ask again in a few months.

Next week: Why are there no blogs written in other languages? And why doesn't anyone post pictures of cats?

PRETEND UPDATE: I was alterted to the conservative-leaning Giblets at fafblog, along with the moderate Medium Lobster. That is a group blog that tends to be dominated by the liberal fafnir, but, nonetheless, I have added them to my above post and re-calculated.

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