Thursday, January 20, 2005

I Can't Quit You Baby 

After neither blogging nor guest-blogging (apologies to Scout) at all for the duration of Winter Break, I'm back again. I'll be at the big Drinking Liberally inauguration party tonight, less for the liberally than for the drinking, but if you're in town and you couldn't make it into the Tsunami benefit with Lou Reed and Moby, you ought to come -- free admission, beer, commiseration, what more can you ask for on a Thursday night? It's either that or the new 90s-themed nightclub, featuring reproductions of the famous blue dress and OJ's white Bronco. Should be almost as fun as Silent Cal's, the '20s-themed bar and grill, where you can enjoy Sacco and Baked Ziti with a refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola.

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