Monday, November 29, 2004

Pretzel Logic 

Oooohh, now there's a headline our noble Armchair Warriors won't care for.
Shadow of Vietnam Falls Over Iraq River Raids
As marines aboard patrol boats roared up the Euphrates on a dawn raid on Sunday, images pressed in of another American war.

Interesting that the only time the Times will use the "V"-word is when the war starts to look like Vietnam -- you know, water+dramatic lighting+swift boats+black humor=Vietnam
You see, the rest of us had been operating under an equation more like catastrophic failure to understand the culture and history of the land we're waging war over+confusion of liberation and occupation+puppet government+constant, increasingly laughable claims of turning the tide+widespread human rights abuses+asking men to be the last to die for a mistake=Vietnam.
Our mistake. We'll readjust.
Yes, when I play The Doors' "The End" really loud while watching a young marine kill an unarmed and injured Iraqi man, or patriotically hum The Mickey Mouse Show theme while watching American troops engage in brutal urban warfare, it begins to look a little Vietnam-ish. At least aesthetically.

See: Marx, Karl (Referring to Louis Napoleon)

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