Thursday, November 04, 2004

Every Day's a Battle 

Scout has the important and intelligent post-mortem thing that I'm too depressed to write right now.

David Brooks was right!!! "Blue" America is different and out of touch with the REAL AMERICA!!

I just spent almost a week in Ohio trying desperately to turn-out voters individually, one-by-one, in a classic grassroots fashion, and all the republicans had to do was put the "State-Wide Gay-Bashing Initiative" on the ballot to turn out every single moron in the state. And you know what, folks? The morons outnumber us. Hate won. So fuck America. There are 59,108,395 Americans that I want to punch in the face right now. I spent 5 months trying to reason with individual voters in two "Swing States" when I should have just been driving through rural Ohio running people down with my car.

Hating fags and being scared of Arabs won.

What went wrong? I can identify a few key factors:

1) The American People
Bush supporters and undecideds alike clearly didn't have any idea what Bush stands for outside of hating fags and killing foreigners. The Program on International Policy Issues had a handy little survey demonstrating this. Huge majorities of his supporters simply think that Bush thinks the way they do, when, in fact, he believes precisely the opposite.

2) The Press
They are to blame for Factor One.

3) John Kerry
Hell, it's probably his fault, too.

4) Me
I don't know. Fuck this list.

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