Friday, October 08, 2004

We're all friends here. 

Well, now that Alex is off to raise Caine and register him to vote for Kerry, I guess I'm running the show. Which doesn't mean much when the audience consists of the gel Al is currently sleeping with. (Hi, Sav!)

I'll do my best to post something once in a while, maybe even twice. But I don't promise anything. I have neither the time nor the proclivity for much pointless satire these days. Being an economics major isn't all fun and games; Game theory's no fun. And I haven't got a cat to brighten my days.

I gotta admit, after a little research, I wonder what Alex is actually doing in Ohio. According to Ohio's secretary of state, the deadline to register has already passed. So, what good is a busload of New York hipsters gonna do in Cleveland, if they can't register the downtrodden? I'm guessing they didn't go for the chili. But I can't think of any other reason to go to Ohio, the toenail of America, now that Thurber's dead. Perhaps they're just going to hold a little rally for democracy. Everyone knows how much Rust Belter's look forward to their annual visit from the Manhattan Pep Squad.

Godspeed, wankers.

The Shmatte kid

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