Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Wednesday Night Libel 

Actually, it would be hard to prove malicious intent with this one:
During a visit, as Mr. [Bush] and I talked on the porch, a set of wind chimes ringing in the late autumn season with a quickening breeze, [Karl Rove] laid his large muzzle like a wet towel in my lap. [First Lady Laura Bush] pushed at my hand, though I had mixed feelings about the affection after watching her plunge her nose into piles of donkey dung wherever discovered: in the pig barn or in the meadow, and usually superbly fresh.

[Karen Hughes] herded me.

It doesn't come off much stranger than a press pool report.

All right, two-fer-one this week.

Here we go:
Rescuers were searching through rubble for survivors on Thursday after [America]'s deadliest [elected official] in a decade ... killed at least 44 people and left 36 missing.

[Vice President Cheney] headed out to sea after sideswiping [Ohion] and was downgraded to a tropical depression around 9 a.m. on Thursday.

It was a record 10th [Bush administration official] to hit [Ohio] this year and the death toll was the highest since the 48 people killed or still unaccounted for after a [visit from Ambassador John Negroponte] in 1993.

Many people died in landslides set off by [the Vice President as he] pounded much of [Cincinnati] on Wednesday. Others died in flooding or were swept away by massive waves as [Cheney] ... roared northeast.

Thirty-seven people, most of them elderly tourists, were forced to spend the night huddled together on top of a bus after being stranded by [Cheney].
A man on the same bus told ... national television: "As the [Vice President struggled to rise from his podium], we all held on to each other's shoulders to stay together. My back is still hurting."

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