Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Wednesday Night Libel 

Bringing a new tone to Washington:
In [their first four years], [the Bush White House was] unregulated and often run as [a] private idiosyncratic fief.... Punishments were meted out for the slimmest of reasons, often at the whim of sadistic [cabinet members]; and, former [administration officials] said, many [departments] were suffused by a weird undercurrent of sexuality.

A surprising number of former [senior administration officials], for instance, describe how when they lined up en masse, naked, for baths or showers - always cold, according to the practices of the time - certain [members of the Joint Cheifs of Staff] would always seem to materialize, unduly eager to watch.

A former [ranking administration official] at a [White House] .... described rules and behavior that seem bizarre, even Dickensian. Among other things, he said, the [Secretary of Defense] used a billiard cue to beat [White House aides], then required them to shake his hand and thank him.

Oh, I'm sorry -- I'm getting my stories mixed up again.

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