Thursday, October 07, 2004

Reynolds Says Existence Of Religious Liberals Justifies Libertarians' Support of Bush's Legislation of Morality 

Roy Edroso wants to know what dumb shit let some "libertarian" (read: Republican) blogger write a column for The Guardian.
He explains to his foreign hosts that American Liberalism is typified by neo-Puritans such as Hillary Clinton and Andrea Dworkin, who presumably lunch together on the Upper West Side and plot matriarchy, while Reynolds and his fellow not-conservatives dream of (but do not actively support) "an America where happily married gay couples had closets full of assault weapons" -- a nifty sitcom premise, at least.

Glennnnn makes the very relevant point that because many high-profile Democrats and a couple pseudo-intellectual liberals consider themselves to be religious, the Left is a puritanical force trying to crush the separation of Church and State. That's a bit of cognitive dissonance almost as fun to entertain as this Times/AP headline from earlier today:
Cheney Says Report Finding No Illicit Arms in Iraq Justifies War

It's fun to take documented evidence against (or simply irrelevant to) your point and use it to bolster your rhetoric. Here, let's all try:

Thurmond Says Mulatto Daughter Proves His Support of Civil Rights Act
Reagan Says 9/11 Attacks Justify His Support, Arming, Training of Islamic Fundamentalists
Friedman Says Sales of Rueful Outsourcing-Related T-Shirt Justifies Globalization

Hey, that last one's true!

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